Beautiful Day: U2's Songs of Surrender version


Okay, so this I like.  Yes, it is in the same vein as the other three pre-released singles: Pride (I like that new ending, though), With Or Without You, One.  Stripped down and slow.  But I haven't been a true fan of anything past their Zooropa album except for some individual songs here and there.  I do like their most recent album, Songs of Experience almost in its entirety, but that is an exception even as I recognize that it isn't in the same league as Zooropa and everything before it. 

So, of the 40 "reimagined" songs of the forthcoming Songs of Surrender, it is the post-Zooropa songs - like this one, Beautiful Day - that I am most looking forward to.  The songs that never really landed with me, those are the ones I'd most like to hear new versions of.

In case you haven't noticed yet, I am a fan of U2.  They are one of four or five bands that I keep  tabs on.  And even though I haven't liked all that much since Zooropa - and that was released 30 years ago in 1993! (geez) - I still can't help but keep up with whatever they do. 

This is the last single before the full album's release in two weeks.  So, count your lucky stars - you are spared a review by me of each new single as they are released in piecemeal while the album's release draws nearer.