Writing is Hard


Damn, writing is hard. I am two months into getting down to actually write.  I got stuck at around 5,000 words.  A little less, actually.

It took me awhile to come up with a tentative ending.  

An ending, for me, is important.  It presents a goal to work towards.  An ending presents a beginning.

I am not entirely sold on the ending I've developed, but that's okay.  It is something to work with, at least for now.

A barrier that I have overcome the past few days is a technical one: synching computers, including one that is several years old and on its last legs.  And because I work in different locations.

Which highlights an issue: writing is a multifaceted endeavor.  You must overcome technical and/or technological shortcomings to work.  So damned frustrating.

My work as an academic is similar.  I am a geographer, and I must learn – and re-learn, and re-learn again – and again – various methodologies and software to complete an analysis.  Writing fiction was kind of an escape from that.

But no, not a chance.

Anyway, this week's breakthrough allowed me to incorporate scenes from Friendship Games as a starting point for Daddy Broke the World, as book 3 is tentatively titled.

Now that I have an ending, that is.

That was this week's challenge.  There are more to come, for sure, and they may be reoccurring. 

But, hey, progress!  I jumped from less than 5,000 words to just over 10,000, and most of it works, at least so far.  Still more editing to do, of course – that never ends – but I think I am finally underway.

Yes, writing is hard.  But nothing worth doing isn't.  I can't wait to see this thing through.

Wish me luck!