Currently enjoying Soil - Penned in the Margins, by Tim Cresswell


I've never been a reader of poetry. But I do dabble here and there. As a Geographer, I am more keen on poetry related to place. I am partial to the poetic writings of Yi-Fu Tuan, for instance, though I haven't seen any actual works of poetry by him.

But I recently discovered - and am quite enjoying - Soil, a work of poetry by fellow geographer Tim Cresswell.  A couple of standouts to me include 'On entering the home of the bourgeois intelligentsia for the first time', a poem to which any academic can relate, and 'remember Wisconsin'. 

I am no poet, so I won't wax on. If you are a Geographer, or like Geography, or if you like poetry, I think you, too, will enjoy Tim Cresswell's Soil