Friendship Games is a Finalist for the Chanticleer International Clue Book Award for Suspense/Thrillers


Friendship Games made the cut!  It is a Finalist for Chanticleer Reviews' Clue Book Award for Suspense/Thrillers.

The Clue Book Award recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in Suspense and Thriller Mysteries.

All that is left is the announcement of 1st Place for each category, and the winner among all categories - the Grand Prize for Best Book of 2023.  The winning titles, including for the Grand Prize, will be announced at the CIBAs Banquet and Ceremony in Bellingham, Washington, on April 18-21, 2024. 

Looks like I will be attending the banquet in Bellingham since Friendship Games is now a finalist in at least one of two categories.  Friendship Games is also currently a semi-finalist in the High Stakes Global Thrillers category.  Finalists for that category will be announced soon.

Fingers crossed!