5-for-5 5★s


The last review at Readers' Favorite just dropped.  It makes five-of-five five-star reviews:

"★★★★★  ... Things were getting worse in Detroit with massive demonstrations and gang wars as the police holed up in the central districts to protect the businesses. At this moment of crisis, an enormous disaster struck the navy in Bahrain. President Belle needed the Detroit issue sorted out quickly to focus her attention on Iran. Hussein Salmeen had been busily radicalizing desperate youth into martyrs; could he put a leash on his zealous youths even as the orders had been to abort? Rear Admiral Hashemi Ghavam could see the folly of the mullahs and the imams beating war drums in Tehran. But what could he do to save his people? Can a war between Iran and the USA be stopped? And if it happens, how will things turn out not only for the two powers but also for the international community? Friendship Games by Mark James is a must-read!

Friendship Games by Mark James is not only a meticulously written and entertaining work of political thriller fiction but is also thought-provoking. The reader will appreciate the different perspectives Mark shows on war, like those of the military personnel, the civilians, and the politicians. The characters are also well-developed, and the seamless flow of the plotline will go a long way toward capturing the reader's attention. The author has also vividly demonstrated the events and emotions of the characters. Reading the suspense-filled Friendship Games by Mark James was like watching a movie. I can't wait to read something else from this talented author."

- Frank Mutuma, Readers' Favorite