Morning Person 


So AncestryDNA has a category labeled "Traits Report". I hadn't clicked on that before, but I was poking around and they have a new genetics-based category on Morning Person vs Night Owl.


"Based on your genetics, you're more likely to be a morning person than 80% of the population." 

It is confirmed.  Yeah, science!  When I was in the Navy, my co-workers and roommates would even joke that I was go-go-go in the morning and got on their nerves, but in the evening our roles would reverse.  While they geared up to go out and party, I was already down for the count.  I was seen as a homebody and, well, I guess I was and I still am.

Even these days my students stare glassy-eyed at me while I lecture with energy and humor in the early morning.  I joke that they really need to drink coffee to get onboard.  I notice the very few who are right there with me in the early hours - fellow morning people.  Two or three per class.

On creativity:

"You're more creative during your non-peak hours. So night people, set an early alarm if you need an "aha" moment—and morning people, try burning the midnight oil. (Just don't head to the DMV the next day.)  The misery of being awake when you should be asleep might just be rewarded by a stroke of genius."

Gosh, I find this true, too.  When I am writing, I seem to hit my stride exactly when I am struggling to stay awake and ready to call it a night.  I press on (with some red wine) and wind up late into the night.  Late for me, that is.  Midnight or 1am at the latest, which isn't late at all for many.

Heck, I've even explicitly included the oddity of being a morning person in both Alter Road (Ian) and Friendship Games (Thew).

I don't know much about the science, but I somehow feel vindicated as a human being.