A ★★★★★ Review of Friendship Games


"How would a possible war between the United States and Iran pan out in the near future? This is the premise of Mark James' gripping military thriller, Friendship Games. After an unprecedented attack on an American aircraft carrier by a terrorist organization backed by the Iranian regime in the Persian Gulf leads to the deaths of thousands of sailors and American lives, American forces are heavily deployed on multiple Middle Eastern bases, preparing for a full-scale attack. Events take an even darker turn when ICBMs land on American soil for the first time in history. Meanwhile, the entire Middle East becomes a devastating war zone as Iran strategically maneuvers its way into its several Middle Eastern neighbors. Trapped in the midst of it all is an elite group of Navy SEALs and Marines desperate to make their way out.

Mark James seamlessly integrates real-world geopolitical affairs and events to deliver an edge-of-the-seat military thriller. Friendship Games looks into a possible hypothetical war between the United States and Iran, drawing out a scarily realistic scenario where losing is not an option. James' narrative is filled with suspense, intrigue, and action. You get POVs from the top involving the decision-makers down to the soldiers on the ground. The plot makes you feel the stakes involved, with unexpected twists and turns to keep you glued to the pages. All in all, a thoroughly captivating military thriller that showcases war at all levels. 

Highly recommended."

- Pikasho Deka, Readers Favorite