Today I settled on a Voice Actor for the audiobook version of Friendship Games


In my interview on Blaine Pardoe's podcast discussing Alter Road and the forthcoming Friendship Games, Blaine asked me about my writing process. I mentioned that I generally work with scenes in mind, and an ending, and that I try to piece scenes together as I work towards the ending.

I also mentioned that I was surprised at how multiple characters really came to life as I wrote Alter Road. Same was true for Friendship Games. It is perhaps the most rewarding part of writing. Blaine had similar experiences, and he said that audiobook versions of his books tend to throw him for a loop. He imagines how his own characters speak and sound in his head, but voice actors inevitably bring their own interpretations. It can be hard for an author to reconcile the differences.

Today I was presented with a range of voice actor auditions. I am happy with my choice. I think you will be, too.

Look for the audiobook version of Friendship Games in early April.