Today, I stumbled across the title of what will be my third novel: Zeítenwende

It is German for "turning point". It seems to be used in English much like Latin words are used in order to emphasize a particular context, an emphasis that the German captures much more than the English translation.

Zeítenwende perfectly captures what I have in mind going forward after Friendship Games. The world is at a turning point. The Post-World War II - even the Post-Cold War - global order is breaking down. "Turning Point" doesn't really do it justice.

Besides, there are plenty of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that already use the title. And, to be fair, there are several fiction and non-fiction books in German that use Zeítenwende.

Okay, so it's an awful title. 😅 But it'll work great as a working title until, as I've written in On Titles, something succinctly descriptive jumps out directly from the story as it unfolds. 

Until then, Zeítenwende it is.