U2 is 0-for-2


U2 has a new album coming in March. It isn't an album of new material; rather, it comprises 40 "re-imagined" songs from their discography. The album coincides with Bono's recently published (and very good) memoir, Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story.  (I'll write and post my review soon).

U2 released their first single from the album, Pride (In the Name of Love). I like the ending, more or less, but the rest? Not so much. Swing-and-miss.

Today, they've released their second single from SOS: With Or Without You. It's a dud; a total miss. (My opinion, of course).

I had listened to the audio version of Bono's Surrender, which I recommend wholeheartedly. In fact, I think the audio version is the authoritative version because Bono includes snippets of the re-imagined songs before each chapter, and much of it teases good stuff. 

I hope that U2 is clearing out the chaff before releasing the good stuff. Because Pride and With Or Without You are pretty bad and, geez, there are 38 more to go.  There's got to be some gems in there, right? 

Otherwise, yikes.